Riffs and Licks

Diary entry:

Dear Diary

Today was a boring day. So when I got home I quickly made myself some toast but then a wretching smell filled the room, I had burnt the toast. I rubbed my hand across the bristley texture of the toast, it felt like the surface of the moon..at least I imagine. Next, I turned on some distorted music (distorted due to my faulty ageing CD player) and threw off my heavy, rusty, black school shoes. I then decided to eat the toast I had burnt previously which wasn’t a good idea because my mouth filled with an ashy like taste. I spat the toast out Lastly I went to bed and that was what happened today.


The bread made its descent down into the toaster, with no flickering knowledge of its own fate. I was to find out 3 minutes later when a wretching smell filled the room, making non wretching smelly particles scramble and separate. The smell engulfed all space it could. After retrieving the offending blackened article from its destroyer, I rubbed my hands against the thick layer of Luna bumpy rock the bread had acquired. The smell then engulfed my entire being as I made an adventurous mistake of attempting to consume it. My mouth felt like ash and subsequently tried to relive itself of the self inflicted agony.