Political Leaders

The world is currently watching in shock at the corruption claims being fired left, right and right in Football’s biggest governing body, fifa’s, direction. These are clearly some very shocking revelations, and I must say, hats off to Fifa for having the ability to keep news stories similar to these currently unfolding, in the dark wilderness for all these years. However, amongst all the shock and shame surrounding Fifa’s existence, the responsibility to stand up and clear the air was weighed upon one man’s shoulders, and of course, that man not only stood up, but stood upon the shoulders of a companion, a trusty Grizzly bear. Oh and how refreshing it was, to hear Vladimir Putin question the FBI’s own code of conduct and suggest they may be framing Fifa, just so Russia would not get to host the World Cup. However, the problem for Russia is that they are a truly inclusive country, maybe too inclusive for their own good. Poor old Vladimir does not realize that the World Cup can never be taken away from Russia, due to their cohesive and inclusive attitude to Global Affairs.

Maybe, that is Putin’s downfall, after all the media attention focused on his conscious coupling with Ukraine, one may think that the media had got it wrong. Putin knows that everybody loves a holiday to Ukraine, and by his method of joining hands with Ukraine, he can reduce holiday prices.

If course though, it was refreshing to hear the good old consistent sound of Putin, tooting away throughout any controversy, just to make everyone feel included. Some say he has small man syndrome, but they are confused, he is only small because he doesn’t want others to feel small. Yet another example of his friendly gracious and equal attitude to life.

On the subject staying consistent through controversy, Nigel Farage has been back to himself this week, having the responsibility to fire himself but having the self confidence to reinstate him as the UKIP leader. This is great trait to have and will inspire many children.