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Harper Lee uses this passage to present Miss Maudies views about Maycomb by adding biblical traditional Christian ideas and values that give light on Miss Maudies characters and overall moral compass.

Harper Lee draws a lot of attention to Miss Maudies religeon because it helps to represent Maycomb better. Maycomb like every other southern state is very religeous and ms maudie being christian shows the community cohesion that  exsists in maycomb

The Different Ideas About Social Class

In the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee there are many different ideas about class that are portrayed through characters. These ideas are a symbol of each character’s entire moral compass, and can often be linked to real life icons. Here are three characters positions on social class:

Aunt Alexandra : Aunt Alexandra holds quite an old fashioned view of social class and shows this by not letting her nephew and niece play with Walter Cunningham just because he is of a different and lower class than she is. ‘And I still say that Jean Louise will not invite Walter Cunningham to this house’ and ‘because he is trash’ both indicate animosity towards the Cunninghams. The use of the word ‘trash’ shows that Aunt Alexandra believes that the Cunninghams do not deserve the Finches precense. This only accounts for people on whom she is at a social height over, and it would be interesting to see how she would find Jem and Scout playing with a child of a higher class than there’s. For Aunt Alexandra class is based around many things and can rarely be changed.

Jem- Jem however disagreed with Aunt Alexandra, he says that class is only based upon how well and when your family started to read and write. He tells Scout that he doesn’t think it is right but it’s the only possible explanation for the class system and why exists

History Week 3

Describe the events of the little rock high school, 6 marks

Little rock high school in Arkansas was an all white school all the way up to 1956. In 1957 350 school boards had excepted integration of black people with no problem. On September the 4th 9 black students, who were selected based upon grades and attendance were due to be integrated into little rock high school. However they were not aloud to enter by a riot made up of school children and their parents aswell as state police. The next day the same thing happened. President Eisenhower heard about this in Washington, and on September 24th he put the state police  under national control and also sent in some members of the national guard. This time they were aloud to enter but we’re subject to many racist remarks in the corridors and there was still segregation. After this the school closed for a year, so the southern manifesto was acted up on and the brown v topica board of education case was rendered irrelevant

How does Harper Lee use allusion in To kill a MockingBird

Harper Lee uses a biblical illusion in to kill a mockingbird to both foreshadow and to illude to to how Atticus is like Jesus, that he is doing nothing wrong and having to sacrifice himself for others, and the people that are killing him in this case is the jury and citizens of maycomb, the head judge is god and he has sent his favourite “son” to be sacrificed the quote is “let this cup pass from you eh”