You can tell more about someone from how they speak than what they say.

You can tell more about someone from how they speak than what they say. Words are universal. Anyone can repeat any word or phrase they are given, use any set of words they hear. Whereas, every humans face is different, so everyones facial expressions when talking are different. A happy expression on 1 persons face is hugely different to another’s happy face! You can tell a lot more about how they perceive the words that flow from their mouth, if they are passionate about the words they say, whether they are paticularly disheartned or upset about what their talking about.

Another form of understanding the character of a human is the tone of which they communicate. The phrase ”That’s bloody brilliant” for example can be said in several ways. For example someone could be genuinely happy or excited at an happening, that would sound entirely different from someone who said that in a dry, sarcastic tone. This in turn would sound much harsher and be said much slower than someone who was upset and yet being sarcastic.

A final form of finding out more about the speakers personality, is by their hand and body movements. Hands that are moving quickly and sharply can indicate excitement, anger or frustration. This can also signify about if the person is more dramatic. Some people could say the same things and feel the same way, but not move their bodies!