To KP or not to KP

Well… to Kevin Pietersen or to not Kevin Pietersen, that is the question?

First, let’s go on stats alone:

England wins without him: 3 (7 losses)

England wins with him in last two years: 34 in all formats (12 losses)

The stats tell a story, however biased that story maybe. Whether it was right or wrong to drop him, the whole affair was handed very poorly by the ECB, and to be fair, a lot of media outlets…as they do! However, that is really what they are there for. After a long time of vague reasons and media speculation. Whatever they said to Kev, it was not particularly democratic. The main reason the ECB gave for him being sacked was:

“To help change the dressing room atmosphere, however we thank Kevin for his services to the England Cricket Team”

So in other, less political terms; He is unmanageable. Obviously Kevin’s made some mistakes, more publicized than other England players I should say, and I’m sure the ECB aren’t the only ones who are displeased with his general attire.

To counter that, there is the simple fact that:

They worked with him for 9 years already. He is not unmanageable at all.

To be continued…