10 Words i didn’t never know before.

Treason: In law, Treason is the crime that covers more extreme acts against someone’s nation. Sometimes it is used when a leader of a nation/movement/cult is killed or attacked.

ZAPU: Is the Zimbabwean Africa People’s Union which was lead by Joshua Nkomo was Robert Mugabe’s main opposition for the  first Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.

Unilateral: Means done by or affecting only one person, group, or country involved in a situation, without the agreement of anyone else outside their party/group/hub.

Comply: Is to act or agree to the rules often set in place by a person higher in the hierarchy.

Disparities: Means a significant difference, this could be opinionated or comparing items/objects.

Guerrilla: Guerrilla warfare is way in which a small group of combatants such as armed civilians use military tactics to help them beat one another. This could be against different groups or the Military, and is often found because of ethical/racist views.

Chauffeur: A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a passenger car or limousine , often underlining wealth or fame in the passenger.

Propaganda: Propaganda is a form of advertising a point of view. Aimed towards influencing the attitude of the community, that are often not there to experience it, by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda statements are often exaggerated.

Beguiling:  Means charming or enchanting, often in a deceptive way. It links with guile which means clever or crafty.

Pediatrician: Means a doctor that treats children, babies and teenagers.



In sport, the main objective is to succeed in what you specialize in. In Amateur sport, the way you do this is often by talent or by pure skill over theirs.In professional sport, however, it’s more about margins of error, the little things you do wrong, but mostly, confrontation. Confrontation, whether this be by sledging an opponent,or by going out of your comfort zone. When being attacked or confronted, the player doing so will always be looking at your strengths and weaknesses as a competitor. In sports like cricket and football, teams pay money for opponents to be analysed, to try and get an upper hand when coming up against them. One example of someone being analysed, would be, a footballer, people like Messi, get analysed all the time! What foot they use, signature tricks, stuff like that.

The one problem for me in this, is that everything gets a little mechanical. Thinking and common sense goes out the window. An example would be, the England cricket team playing South Africa last Summer. At that time, there was a lot of hype going on in the media about it being the no.1 series, as whoever won would go top of the world rankings. As a consequence of this there was a lot of analytical work put in to each South African batsmen about where they we most prone to getting out to, where their comfort areas were. The 1st test was played at the Oval cricket ground in London. The bowlers knew there plans right away, but didn’t make use of the natural resources around them. Great swinging conditions that could of taken the wickets of the under prepared South African batsmen were not utilized as the bowlers bowled in areas that troubled the batsmen in the past in different conditions and different circumstances.

On this occasion the South African batsmen prevailed and England’s hopes of winning the match were left in shatters by Hashim Amla scoring a mammoth 311* as South Africa romped to victory securing the No.1 spot in the world rankings.

One other thing England didn’t take notice of was that the margin of error for some of the targets were very short, and that batsmen can adapt too. A great example of this would be Graeme Smith. Through out his career he has be shown to be tentative outside his off stump. He is a human, and has a brain, so he quickly worked out that he could cut off he angle be moving outside off stump then hitting through leg side. Although these are professional sportsman, they do have some margin for error. An example would be Joe Root, his weakness is just on his legs, but the margin for error is quite high, the angle carries the ball further down the leg side, he can leave it for a wise or easily flick it for 4.

Also, going around the county circuit is this philosophy about comfort zones. The standard philosophy is simple really. The more you come out of your comfort zone, and confront more challenging situations, the more your comfort zone will expand. Another way of putting is your stretch, and skills , your most important is your stretch to expand.

By  Henry Howeld