Henrys 7 Commandments (homework 2)

To all the Henrys:

No Henry shall ever pass GO without collecting 200M from the bank
No Henry shall ever see a chicken without licking his lips
No Henry shall ever sleep on the bottom of a bunk bed
No Henry shall ever go to Justin Bieber concert EVER
No Henry shall ever be seen with a Mohican
No Henry shall ever be a Hufflepuff
No Henry shall ever try, they do.



2 thoughts on “Henrys 7 Commandments (homework 2)”

  1. Henry,
    These are certainly some good rules to live by that also seem to reflect your personality. Your rules reflect divisions of culture, as though ‘Harry’ has become a tribe.

    1) How might your rules have been inspired by ‘Animal Farm’?
    2) If your own novel were to develop in the same way as ‘Animal Farm’, how might your rules lead to fractions within your tribe?

  2. Sir,

    1) I was thinking about sleeping on the top bunk denotes power, so the Henry tribe should always be the best tribe. A bit like the pigs, but less inclusive.

    2) In a bit of a Disney movie way, there would be a certain member, who disagrees with the system and trys to go away from the tribe, but no one will accept him because of what his tribe has done/thinks. Say, for instance the Hufflepuff thing, some people don’t really have a choice, so some is just luck.

    And anyway, none of the Henry tribe would be so talentless to get into Hufflepuff……… 🙂

    Obviously most of this isn’t serious, but the task wasn’t too specific so i decided to go down a lighter route.


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